Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lucky door prize!!!

We hope you all had a wonderful fathers day today, ours was spent up the coast in a small coastal town with my family by the water. 
The weather was amazing and the day even better.  We went bush walking with our little tribe and played hide and seek by the lake... Bliss! 
I feel so grounded and connected to mother earth after such a blissful day with family & friends.

Now down to the serious business of announcing the winner of our lucky door prize from our 'Mystical Market Night'.......

Congratulations to Jaella Heaney!!!x!

If you could contact us via email at to claim your prize.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

And the winner of our first competition tonight is......
Meg Bakic - 'The circle of Life intertwined by the life line of nature!!

1st Giveaway

Write one sentence describing what this picture represents to you and we will choose the one that stands out the most.
Your entries MUST be emailed to and we will announce the winner on our blog.

We are looking for something a little different then what you perceive with your eye's alone.

It's here!!!

I hope you are all enjoying our very first market night on facebook.  We will be doing a few giveaway's via our blog so be sure to join us for the fun and games.

Previously games and giveaways would be done on our facebook page but due to the rules being changed we now need to hold then here to avoid and repercussions.